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Ep 013: Holy Bicycles Batman! Nerdbone

Welcome to the NEW Nerdbone Podcast! This week I'm nerding out about Cycling, and Michael Keaton is coming back as Batman?????
  1. Ep 013: Holy Bicycles Batman!
  2. Ep 012: Run The Poke'jewels Live
  3. Ep 011: Super Joe Pardo!
  4. Ep 010: John Wick/LOTR Livestream
  5. Ep 009: Quarantine Chat!

The Workin' On Our Fitness Show The Blank Show

Yes, we've talked about fitness before. So, what's one more time? We talk more nonsense on God knows what, and give some updates on how our sweet beach dad bods are comin' along. Or something.
  1. The Workin' On Our Fitness Show
  2. The Stand Together Show
  3. The Who Even Uses a Top Sheet Show
  4. The Top 10 Things We Want to Do Post-Pandemic Show
  5. The Crappy First Jobs Show